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Free Online PacMan Game – Paul Neave

PacMan is at the same time one of the simplest and most addictive arcade games to ever come out of the arcade golden age that was the 80’s. To this day, hardcore players around the world spend ungodly hours competing for high scores. This classic game has been ported and adapted to numerous platforms over the years, with mixed success. Today I’m going to take a look at the flash version developed by Paul Neave.

If you’ve never played PacMan, what the hell are you even doing reading this review? Because it is quite obvious that you, sir, are not a gamer. In fact, you probably aren’t even from this planet, so I’m not entirely sure how you’ve even found your way onto the internet. Regardless, I guess a brief description wouldn’t hurt.

In PacMan you play as, well, PacMan. What is PacMan you may ask? After twenty plus years, we’re still not entirely sure, although the common consensus is that he is some manner of supernatural cheese man with an addiction to yellow M&Ms and a crippling fear of colors other than blue, trapped in some sort of maze for reasons unknown for all eternity with a legion of rainbow colored ghosts. You must run through the maze eating little dots, running from ghosts, and eating the big dots to turn the ghosts blue and edible. Sometimes pieces of fruit or candy will show up worth bonus points. When a board is cleared of all dots, a new one begins. This is the game in its entirety, and it can potentially last for entire days if the player is good enough.

While most ports of the PacMan arcade game follow the same basic gameplay structure, there are often slight differences from the original, whether due to the limitations of the hardware, the way they were programmed, or the developer’s choice. While the differences aren’t as noticeable in this version as in some others, they are present. I had two major gripes with this version. The first is the speed at which PacMan moves. While you can definitely play the game just fine, the pace of gameplay is noticeably different than the arcade game and it threw me off. The second problem was the AI on the ghosts, which wasn’t as sharp as it seems like it should be. Several times I noticed them just bumping into walls for a few seconds rather than coming after me. They figured out what they were supposed to be doing and got back to it fairly quickly, but this little glitch really bugged me.

RF Online Game Review

RF Online is one of the most awesome and exciting MMORPGs that I have ever played. RF or Rising Force Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by South Korea for Windows-based PCs, which is a combination of classic science fiction and fantasy. The story of the game revolves around the distant world of Novus. It centers on the gripping three-way conflict among three races namely the Bellato Federation, Accrecia and Cora in a beautifully rendered 3D environment.

About The Characters

The Bellato race are dwarf-sized but has the ability to wield magic, swords, staves, guns, bows and technologically advanced weapons like the MAU or Massive Armor Unit. What I loved about the Bellato is their ability to ride the MAU. A MAU is a huge robot that can only be piloted by a Bellato. There are two kinds of MAUs available in the game. One is Goliath, which is a MAU that specializes in melee attacks. The other is Catapult, which has a long range attack capability. A MAU has a high maintenance because it cannot be healed and its life can only be recharged in a Bellato NPC shop at an expensive price. However, they can destroy other races with just a few attacks and they are effective tanks in battle.

On the other hand, the Cora are elf-like creatures who possess strong affinity with nature. Although they can wield staves, swords, guns and bows, they are more effective using magic. They also have the ability to summon an Animus to aid them in battle. I am not much of a fan of a magic wielding character but a powerful Cora mage with a summoned Animus can destroy a MAU provided with the right strategy.

The third are the Accretia, who are technologically advanced race who replaced their whole body with cybernetic parts. They are able to hold swords, bows, guns and launchers. Although they don’t have the ability to ride the MAU like the Bellato or summon an Animus like the Cora, the Accretian gunners are forces to be reckoned with. Accretian gunners with powerful launchers can take on other players with just one or two hits and they can take out a MAU from a distance.


Leveling is achieved by killing monsters and skills are developed by using certain kinds of weapons or attacks. Equipping special armors or weapons also improve the status of a character.

There are plenty of jobs available for each character depending on their race. The different jobs offer various skills that are unique to each other like invisibility, special melee attacks, special long range attacks, ability to ride the MAU or summon an Animus.

Another distinct feature of this game is the election of an archon every week and council members who will be responsible in protecting the race. Each player elected is granted special abilities that range from increase in status points to increase in attack or defense.

In addition, each race has their respective currencies that can only be used in each race’s NPC. This somehow limits greatly the progress of other players who keep on switching races since they have to start over again if they do.

Every certain time of the day, all races gather in a map to participate in the Chip Wars led by each race’s archon. The result of the war determines which race has the right to mine for resources that can be used to manufacture special items and equipments. It determines the race who will have control over the Holystone Keeper too, which is the guardian of the mines. The race who wins the war also receives race buffs, increasing the race’s attack and defense, which gives it supremacy for a certain period. The loser gets a debuff or lowering of status and will not be able to operate in the mines.

Opposing races can attack each other any time. However, players of the same race can’t attack each other unless they take a Chaos Potion or they are in a Guild Scramble, which is a guild vs. guild match.


I find this game addicting and fun because of the full customization available for each character and the unpredictability of battles brought about by its player kill or PK system. The PK system keeps you awake even if you are just leveling on regular monsters because any race can just invade your field and attack you. The only safe place to stay is at the base of each race where invaders can’t attack you. The leveling system and character status customization are unique. The politics involved in the election of an archon or council is also a good point in the game as it adds a bit of realism to its world. On top of that, the Chip Wars are breathtaking! Going into a Chip War is like going into a world war wherein only the strong survives. Although the availability of a nuclear arsenal turns the tide in a blink of an eye during the war, it is still great and adrenaline pumping because you just never know what to expect. The music is superb as well.

Unfortunately, the game suffered a downside in its economy due to players who used item duplicators. Also, the use of fly hack tools boosted the leveling of many characters. Basically, a fly hack program enables a player to maximize his experience by attacking a monster from above without the monster damaging him due to their distance and the inability of the monster to reach a flying character. The imbalance in the game eventually made me quit playing because I was left behind by players who used these cheats and I found it hard to go toe-to-toe with them even if I regularly played the game. Another low point of this game is the very basic low-level characters. Moreover, travelling to reach a certain point in the field is quite hard and slow. Apparently, the developers lost interest in the development of the game because of they have ceased adding new features in it.

The game is awesome, but given the lack of interest of the developers in enhancing it further and its vulnerability to hacking tools, I give it only a Satisfactory rating.

How To Make Money Online By Writing Video Game Reviews

The internet provides you with various new and exciting ways to earn money every day. It does not matter if you are currently working a part time job or a full time one, there are plenty of ways to make quick, extra money on the internet. Writing video game reviews is one of the things that you can do. Nowadays, there are many websites you can use to publish your reviews and earn money from them. Yes, it is possible to get extra income from writing and many people have tried their luck in this kind of job.

If you are a video game enthusiast, and you always keep up to date with the latest games in the market, then this job is perfect for you. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of writing reviews, you might want to know the tricks to do it right. Below are some tips worth trying:

1. Publish your reviews on different websites. If you expect a good earning, then you should post your reviews on at least 4 websites or even more. There are revenue share sites where you can get a percentage of the advertising revenue from your articles. You also have the option to start a blog but it may take a bit more time to generate money. The revenue share sites offer a quicker way to earn money than a blog. If you choose to have a blog, you will have to spend more time and put in more effort to make sure that it gets a good ranking on search engines.

2. Don’t just stop on one review, you should publish as many as you can. It is important to publish more articles so you can earn more money. It is also important for you to maintain your articles so that you can still earn money from them in years to come. This enables you to build up readership, link your work to get higher rank on the search engine, and learn more about your trade.

3. In order to write good reviews, you have to play many different video games. However, video games are not exactly cheap and you may not have the time to play all the latest games in the market. A good solution to overcome this problem is by rewriting your reviews and posting them at the websites that you write for. You can talk about the different aspects of a game in several articles.

4. Don’t forget to expand your topic. Besides game reviews, you can also write game tips, list of top 10 best action games, cheat codes, and many more.

It takes time before you can earn a steady income, but with perseverance and creativity, you can succeed. In the first month, you may only earn few cents per article but don’t take it as an obstacle. Your earning will increase as long as you keep writing and publishing the reviews on the internet.

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